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An old dog learns a new trick

A few years back, my girls wanted to learn how to crochet. Since I hadn’t the foggiest notion how to crochet, I did the obvious thing: I bought them a book. Between that book, Youtube videos, and asking more capable friends and family members, they taught themselves to crochet. And then went on to teach themselves to knit by the same method.

Flash forward a couple of years, and I decided I wanted to learn to knit and crochet. But this time, I had the advantage of in-house experts. Last winter, I learned the (very) basics of knitting. This winter I’m tackling crochet. (I don’t know what it is about the winter that makes me learn handicrafts, but I’ll take it.)

Anyway, I’ve completed my first project: a simple bag that I modified to hold some essential oils. Pro tip: keep your vetiver lid on tight. That stuff is strong.

Obviously, I’m not going to win any awards with this effort, but it’s pretty good for a first try. It doesn’t lay quite flat because I added a divider, which I should have made narrower.


crotchet 4

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crotchet 2

I went a little overboard with the divider. It probably could have been half the width. I’m not sure if I’ll redo it or not, but it wouldn’t be too hard to fix. That’s the great thing about crochet: it’s much easier to correct mistakes than knitting. And I make lots of mistakes.  For example…

crotchet 3

I haven’t quite got decreasing down, so I have the funky curves in the flap. I’m not going to fix it; it gives it character. Or something. I may fix the divider, just so it will close better and look a little neater.

Anyway, that’s my new trick.  What new tricks have you learned lately?

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  1. […] I’ve recently taken up crochet, which is much easier for me than knitting. Knitting makes me curse. Crochet makes me curse less. […]

  2. […] I’ve recently taken up crochet, which is much easier for me than knitting. Knitting makes me curse. Crochet makes me curse less. […]

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