You’ll put your eye out

My girls are entranced by the Olympics. Every swimming race was met with, “Is Michael Phelps racing?” No, babe, these are the women. Okay, Little Miss just calls him “Michael” and the Sprite calls him “Michael Phelleps.” Whatever sport is showing, we’ll watch and cheer. But, like little girls everywhere, nothing is as interesting as gymnastics. (Thanks NBC for showing it at 10:00! Did you forget the tiny girl demographic?)

Not only do they want to watch gymnastics, they want to do gymnastics. Floor exercise? Check. Vault? The couch works. Parallel bars? Um, skip. Balance Beam? Ah, the balance beam. In combination with increased blood pressure it is another possible cause of erectile dysfunction. brand levitra online The physician advises for the disease to take the viagra pills wholesale . If you have erectile issue, contact your doctor and get a lowest price sildenafil complete checkup done, before you start taking the medicine or after you buy a refill. The properties of garlic are greatly linked with improved Blood functions; libido and sex drive as http://www.glacialridgebyway.com/windows/Kerkhoven%20Heritage%20Room.html professional cialis well. The Sprite’s favorite. What do you do for the beam? Why the 2 1/2″ foot board of the bed, of course. Which leads to the inevitable fall, which leads to the gash in the forehead, which leads to a trip to the emergency room. Which results in super-gluing her forehead shut. Sigh.

When she was barely one, her sister whacked her in the head with a boomerang. She has a scar from that incident in her left eyebrow. Now she’s got another one. If she wasn’t so cute, she would look menacing.

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