What we do on Thursday

I’m still without my laptop, but I have my phone and the inconvenient computer in the family room. So today, you see what we do on Thursday. (Yes, it looks like a simple, quick blog post. But with this hand-crank computer, it took an hour to get the photos resized and uploaded, in which time I could have written a real post. The irony isn’t lost on me.)

Thursday, the oldest child has biology at a university model school about 25 minutes from our house. It’s too far to drop her off, and I can’t afford to lose a whole morning schooling, so while she gets sciency, we head to the library to do our work.

Sprite has the sweetest set-up. The library has a teen room that is reserved seating for students in 6th through 12th grades only. They have the best chairs and couches in the joint; I’m jealous.

sprite library

The boys and I do have a nice, sunny spot to do their work. And if they get done in time *ahem*, they can go watch the 3-D printer in action. Except the library just moved it, so we’ll have to hunt it down. Should they ever have time. *ahem* (Yes, I know they need haircuts.)

boys library
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My seat is the most dangerous: a perfect view of the books and other items for sale. Today I found Molly’s Pilgrim (af), a book I looked for last year during our American History studies. But it’s a lovely twist on the traditional Thanksgiving stories, so I got it. Fifty cents! It’s a bargain!

library view

This is what Jack does on Thursday. This is what Jack does every day. For his grammar lesson, Satchmo wrote Jack a thank you note: “Thank you for being lazy.” He’s very good at it.

Jack Lazy


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