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What America Grows

We’re back from a long trip to Minnesota, then further into Minnesota (Duluth), and then back to Texas again. We drove more than 3,000 miles. We have seen the breadbasket of America and the results are . . . This polo tablet should not exercise along with other drugs such as azole antifungal medicines; nitroprusside medicines; nitroglycerin medicines; amyl nitrate (also known as poppers). generic super viagra Dependence to liquor and smoking cigarettes can make http://www.midwayfire.com/minutes/05-12-09.pdf cialis from canadian pharmacy destroy one’s virility and leave one tormented. There are however many modern alternatives which viagra doctor perform incredibly successfully with little adverse reactions. Kamagra UK drugs are available for men who are suffering from the problem of premature canada viagra generic midwayfire.com ejaculation, you just need to consult the doctor timely. monotonous. We saw corn and corn and corn, and some soy beans and maybe two or three fields of sorghum. Granted, it was a thin north-south strip, but also rather long. Corn and cows. That’s what America grows.

2 responses to “What America Grows”

  1. Dana Avatar

    You really have to learn to appreciate the subtleties, April.

    I always thought it was funny that Oklahoma! was filmed in Arizona because the director thought Arizona look more like Oklahoma than Oklahoma did. Why change your stereotypes to fit reality when it is so easily to adjust people’s perceptions of reality through film?

  2. April Avatar

    Oh, we had fun judging height and ripeness of corn. My husband worked on a farm that grew corn and soybeans (ha!) when he was young. It took us a minute to recognize the sorghum. At first I thought, “mutant corn!”

    At least there are no palm trees in Oklahoma! I’m always amazed at the vast range of palm trees in the world of movies.

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