Well that was weird

Driving past our neighborhood elementary school, I notice the school grounds are festooned in red ribbons and all sorts anti-drug signs obviously made by the inmates, er students.

And I feel . . . slightly creeped out?

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Oh, heavens. My little-l libertarianism-ish is getting bigger and less ishy.

ht: DHM

3 responses to “Well that was weird”

  1. Laureen Avatar

    At the risk of sounding like a nutcase… it’s not the war on drugs. It’s the war on civil liberties and freedom. If we sit back and let them treat drug offenders, or suspected offenders, or random people going about their business, like this, we deserve the culture we get.

    Mexico is discussing legalizing small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine, because they’re more interested in prison reform than in supporting America’s War on Drugs, which is nearly as stupid as its War on Terror, and equally a failure.

  2. April Avatar

    I welcome nutcases, as long as they are willing to defend their nutcasery. And yes, the war on civil liberties is part of it. But another thing is the indoctination of school kids. (Which I guess is a component of civil liberties.) I remember from my own school days assemblies, programs, special events, clubs, etc, etc, trying to drill into kids: "JUST SAY NO!" It just seems overkill & probably not all that effective.

  3. Carrie Avatar

    It just made me want to see what all the fuss was about.

    How about this slogan

    “Just say no to turning non-violent offenders into violent offenders”

    Think it will catch on:)

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