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To the polls!

Next week, (some) Texans will go to the polls to vote on 11 Constitutional Amendments. We’re always voting on amendments because our post-Reconstruction constitution is a veritable straight-jacket.

For example, in 1932 this amendment was adopted:

For the Constitutional Amendment authorizing counties and cities bordering on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico by a vote of two-thirds majority of the resident property taxpayers voting thereon to levy and collect such tax for the construction of sea walls, breakwaters, or sanitary purposes, as authorized by law, and authorizing the creation of a debt for such works, and the issuance of bonds in evidence thereof.

However, in 1914, this amendment was defeated:

Providing for authorizing counties bordering on the Gulf of Mexico to build seawalls.

I don’t know what’s stranger, that localities had to have a constitutional amendment to protect themselves from the raging seas, or that the it was initially defeated. Texans are weird (says I, speaking as a Texan.)

Anyway, we’ve got eleven amendments to pass. This guy seems to have a pretty good analysis of the offerings. For the “Non-partisan. Really” analysis, here’s the League of Women Voters of Texas, although it is certainly less thorough than the first gentleman. Also, “Non-partisan. There is a range of drug, offering high quality treatment not only to get rid of erection issue, but also to enhance the quality cialis generika of sexual life. There are also new reports suggesting that thyroid too could be a cause of Erectile dysfunction is the age cheap viagra http://greyandgrey.com/workers-and-compensation/worker01/ factor. It is often found in rectal examination or cialis 5mg tablets in stock X-ray examination because of prostate hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis and other diseases. Erectile dysfunction-inability to reach an erection- is a cialis usa buy common sexual problem experienced by men after attaining a certain age, probably after 40 years. Really.” Really? I think the ladies do protest too much.

Also, I’m glad to know it is now legal to take written materials into the voting booth. Prior to my absconding for more easterly pastures, it was illegal. My high school government teacher told us how she’d sneak scraps of paper in to remember her votes. Criminal! Also, excessively liberal. Seriously. And an amazing teacher, to boot. Anyway, I don’t have to choose between breaking the law and remembering 11 votes.

If you’re in Texas, go vote!

2 responses to “To the polls!”

  1. B Avatar

    If only the majority of our governments were run that way. Like you, I'm all for stalemates and filibusters.

    I'll be in Texas next week, so I absentee voted a few weeks ago. It's weird watching the campaign ads for our governor's race. I keep thinking "why are you bothering?" (especially for the candidate I didn't vote for). It reminds me of Jessie Ventura's action figure, meant to be part of his campaign, that came to stores after he was elected…"why bother?"

    I'm looking forward to wearing my "I voted in Virginia" sticker on election day next week.

  2. April Avatar

    Are you wearing your sticker, today? I still gotta go get mine!

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