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Today is the blog burst in support of conservative bloggers who have been harassed, sometimes in frightening and deadly ways.  The idea behind a blog burst is have so many voices speaking that the harassers can’t get us all.  I’m a tiny, wee little blog, but even though it’s just a candle, it’s still a light.

So this is me, blogging about Brett Kimberlin. Mainly by linking.

Who is Brett Kimberlin?

Lee Stranahan’s video summary

Some of those who’ve been hit the hardest:

Aarron Worthing, both he and his wife lost their jobs because of the harassment.

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The Other McCain, who has relocated his entire family.

Michelle Malkin has a run-down of the situation and a round up of bloggers bursting.

Okay, this is a lame post.  But like I said, it’s my little candle to shine on the evil.  Darkness flees the light.  What will you do to chase away the darkness?


Updated because I forgot to include Liberty Chick, who was one of the earliest (if not the earliest) voice on Brett Kimberlin and a hell of an investigative reporter.


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