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They went thata way!

Today my daughters left. On a jet plane. They’ll be back on Sept 6. So, not so much like the song.

They’re spending a week with their grandparents in Minnesota, then we’ll drive up and spend another week before heading home through Mansfield, Missouri and this lovely locale. We’re also going to the Minnesota State Fair (Food on a stick! And fried cheese curds!) and the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion. What do threshers do at a reunion? Thresher bingo?

Anyway, we were supposed to wake up at 5:30 to trundle the girls off to the airport for an 8:00 flight. I say supposed to, because my cute daughters–being filled with excitable excitement–woke up at 4:27. Which is even more obscene than 5:30. And of course they woke up the dog. And the momma, who said, “Play with the dog, I’m going back to bed!”

I’m glad they were very excited and not at all nervous or apprehensive or in any way reluctant to leave their momma. The last but not the least, massage therapy which can page buy cheap cialis relieve the stress of corporate life, sports massage for sports athletes & fitness freaks. Thus, once suffered from prostatitis caused by chlamydia, viagra uk click here for more info patients would buy some antibiotics like doxycycline to relieve the symptoms. Traditionally, these disorders had been treated with order viagra australia, as well as Raynaud’s phenomenon, which occurs in some individuals where the tiny blood vessels that supply blood to the male organ are similar to the blood vessels that carries blood to the penile area. Communicating with loved ones and continuously affirming your adore for them assist to tremendously boost self-esteem. cialis for sale australia deeprootsmag.org Really. Thrilled. Humph.

And, of course, I appreciated just how helpful they are when I had to bundle the boys off to a meeting all by my lonesome. I try to be vocal in my appreciation of their helpfulness, but I think I shall redouble my efforts. And not ever let them leave me again. Kidding! I think.

So, my wonderful, lovely daughters are having fun at their wonderful, lovely grandparents. And I miss them terribly already. But I’m sure my wonderful, energetic boys will keep me too busy to think about it. Much.

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