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The second round of detox starts now!

21 day sugar detox

Round one was a rousing success, but then the season of feasting occurred. Oh sugar, you sultry minx.Yeah, I fell off the wagon hard over the holidays. But that was then; this is now. And now we’re back on day one of The 21 Day Sugar Detox (af)

This time it’s a family affair: MTG and the girls are also doing the sugar detox, and the boys are going gluten free and mostly sugar free, because what am I? A short order cook? That will make it easier because I won’t be making two meals. This time I also go into it knowing what worked and what didn’t work and where I’m weakest.  Last time, I didn’t do too many of her recipes, but mainly worked from the Yes/No food list from the book.

The biggest thing I’ll change is to not try to substitute foods that first week. What I mean by that is not try to replace the sweets or breads we usually eat with non-sweetened or faux-bread versions. A big part of the detox is changing your taste buds and even your thinking about sugar. Eating non-sweetened, non-bread pancakes that first week just highlights the differences and makes it harder. On the other hand, if you just skip them all together, you’ll still miss them, but you won’t be comparing how good they are to how not-good the substitutes are.

The main challenge in meal planning last time was getting over the psychological expectation for bread or grains. No, you don’t actually need bread with every — or any — meal. A roasted chicken and veggies is a perfectly sufficient meal. Chili can be eaten without crackers or other grain, and no one dies. Eggs don’t require toast, turkey and cheese don’t need bread. Moreover, you don’t have to replace that bread with anything.

For the first week, my main concern is having easy, readily available snacks and meals during the day. This week is going to be pretty busy, and I don’t have a lot of time to get creative and involved in cooking. Evening meals are fairly easy once I get over the grain psychological issue.

My easy, go-to meal and snack suggestions:

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For breakfast we generally just do eggs and bacon or sausage with a glass of whole milk. Sprite doesn’t generally eat eggs, so we’re having to think creatively for her. Sometimes I’ll do Greek yoghurt (plain, full fat) with an apple and walnuts.  That’s actually a great snack or light lunch as well.  On level one, you can have one green apple or one green tipped banana a day. I usually go with apple.

For lunches, I generally make a big salad, while Little Miss does lettuce-less salad: veggies, turkey or ham and cheese. We’re working on lettuce for her.  Sprite does like lettuce, so that’s probably what she’ll do as well.

The key with snacks is having something easy and readily available. For those chips/crunchy cravings, we generally just go with nuts. I love salt and vinegar almonds, probably a little too much. Boiled eggs are another easy snack to have on hand. My kids all eat carrots like their going out of style, so that’s another easy snack.  Actually, just having a bunch of veggies cut up and easily accessible in the fridge solves most of the snack issues.

Oh, and I have lots and lots of green tea on hand. Green tea was the best craving crusher I found.

I’m not as ready as I’d like to be, but I’m definitely more prepared than I was last time. 

And we’re off! Wish us luck!

For more tips and recipes, check out my Pinterest board,

If you’re doing the detox, let me know! We can spur one another on to greatness! Well, at least to sugarlessness.

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