The Saga of the Keys

I have a carabiner on my key chain. You know, in case I need to attach a child to a rope and toss it over a cliff. (Just kidding, CPS, don’t come take my kids!) It’s very handy for keeping my keys accessible and my hands free. I usually hook it to my belt loop, or if I’m wearing my sling, I’ll hook it to a ring and voilà: baby toy! The downside of the accessibility is the constant jingle.

Tuesday night, I was heading out to the grocery store: purse–check, list–check, coupons–check, keys–on my belt loop. Then I turned back in the house to get something and my mom called. So I’m looking for something, trying to leave, talking to my mom. The jingle is distracting, so I take off my keys and set them down . . . somewhere. I still haven’t found them, two days later. This is simply because I haven’t really looked. Like right now, I could be looking, but I’m not.

But this is not actually the saga of the keys (Although it would be ironic if after the true saga of the keys, this is what it takes to permanently lose them.)

This is the true Saga of the Keys.

Three weeks ago, I lost my keys. I knew not where. I only know that I had them when I took the kiddos to Girl Scouts on a Wednesday. The next time I went somewhere (Friday, I think), they were gone.
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Note the advantage of driving a 12 year old van that’s got her quirks. Our ignition switch is pretty loose. If you aren’t deliberate about making sure the ignition is locked, you can start the van without the key. MTG does this often and it sorta freaks me out. There’s something wrong about driving down the freeway with no key in the ignition. On this particular Friday, the key quirk served me well, since I couldn’t find my stupid keys.

For two weeks, my keys were missing. Now, I knew they had to be somewhere on our property since I did actually get home from Girl Scouts. But I had a spare set of keys and four kids to corral, so I didn’t look too hard.

We have Girl Scouts every two weeks. Two weeks from the day when my keys went AWOL, we were back on the road, driving to Girl Scouts. I came up to a stop light a wee bit quick. The rapid braking caused things to shift, children to squeal, and my keys to slide from the top of the van to rest gently upon the window wipers.

For two weeks–two weeks— my keys rode on the top of the van, through rainstorms and highway driving. What a story they could tell.

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