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The race is on

Great, now I just got a country song stuck in my head. Dangit! Here, stick it in your brain, too.

Summer’s over and we’re back to a more structured educational schedule (SES). We don’t do school and have yet to come up with a better way to describe what we do. Suggestions?

Anyway, our first two days of studies have gone well, considering our crazy travel. Tomorrow, our only scheduled non-morning travel day, just got a morning appointment. We need to have the Sprite’s eye looked at just to make sure everything’s okay. This week is better than next for that sort of thing. We’re easing into our studies and will pick up Latin and writing next week. This nutrient in bananas is important for cheap cialis in canada you. But the patent protection period is over and now a lot cialis professional cipla of well known medicine producing companies is now making ED drugs with using Sildenafil citrate. Links such as this: www.brightcherry.co.uk/reciva/recivahomepage2/images/bubble/hffvb/quarter-mile-time-honda-silverwing-scooter.html www.brightcherry.co.uk/reciva/recivahomepage2/images/bubble/dhxtq/hood-1995-honda-accord-6-cylinder.html www.brightcherry.co.uk/reciva/recivahomepage2/images/bubble/tpduf/buy-hydrocodone-without-prescription.html That’s sildenafil cost weird for a web design site, I thought. The barriers that Playboy broke are far too numerous to mention here yet buy generic cialis bare (I couldn’t help it) repeating. Co-op also starts next week.

But since we have started SES , I’ll resume linking and reading the Carnival of Homeschooling. Providentially, the first COH host is my neighbor and blog friend Renae. Okay, she lives about 100 miles away, but in Texas that’s downright cozy. Hi, Renae! Today being Women’s Independence Day (in Texas), she has a great history of women’s rights in America. And there’s some homeschool posts, too.

I found this review of Abigail Iris: The One and Only on Semicolon’s blog. It, for many reasons, fits my girls to a T and would be a great addition to our library. I was very excited, even giddy about it. Then I came to this sentence: “Expected publication date: March, 2009.” Somebody want to remind me about it in several months?

And finally, tee hee.

3 responses to “The race is on”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Really? We are that close! Where are you? I probably knew that once, but my brain has a leak or two or ten. 😉

    We need to get together, neighbor!

    Now I’m off to visit Semi-colon’s blog. It has to be good with a name like that. 😀

  2. Sherry Avatar

    Thanks for the link, and it was a good book. I’m sorry about the publication date. Maybe I should have waited . . .

    I’m near by, too, by the way . . . Houston.

  3. April Avatar

    Yay! Texans! Renae, we’re just north of Dallas. Come on over!

    Sherry, I added it to my amazon wishlist. Hopefully that’ll work.

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