The places to find wisdom

Like from Ashton Freaking Kutcher. Seriously, this is such a great speech filled with so much wisdom. If you’re one of the three people on the planet who hasn’t yet watched it, do so.

Wasn’t that great?

One of the things I found amusing is watching the reaction when someone unexpected says something profound. (And let’s face it, from the guy who starred in Dude, Where’s My Car, That 70s Show, and Two and a Half Men? Unexpected.)

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Of course, then new hero will most likely say or do something disappointing — being a fallible person — and then all the fanboys and girls will cry themselves to sleep on their celebrity sheets.

I think we do need to have a great reshuffling of what we think about people. Not necessarily into good guy/bad guy; smart guy/dumb guy categories, but into one big, messy, contradictory, “most of us trying the best we can and all of us will surprise you occasionally” pot.

I think we can find wisdom in more places than we assume. I think that if we extended more grace and fewer assumptions toward people, we wouldn’t be so surprised at what we can learn. And I think that if we totally re-evaluate what we think of someone based on one speech — even a really amazing speech — we probably weren’t being charitable to them in the first place.

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