The Highly Organized Carnival of Principled Government

She’s Right has done a great job with the 17th COPD: Carnival of Principled Government. I love this carnival because you can get a great taste of all sorts of issues and opinions from people thinking about government. Not just elections or issues, but the institutions and philosophies connected with governing. Makes ya think. Improper functioning of viagra tablets usa the neurons is observed by the needs of the patient. Setting the broken bones is the priority. glacialridgebyway.com purchase viagra online levitra without rx http://www.glacialridgebyway.com/ You can also ask your friends or relatives at the pharmacy. A tablet for such a long lasting period assists to cialis 80mg enjoy the love life without any hindrances. We all ought to be thinking more, doncha think?

A taste of the carnival, from the witty Mad Kane:

Dear Editor: Enough With the Polls, Already!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

My int’rest in polling is waning:
Who’s winning, who’s losing, who’s gaining.
Tell me where these guys stand—
Who’s a liar? What’s canned?
Give me substance — not horse race-campaigning.

So mosey on over and check out the carnival, pardner! (Sorry, my kids are watching “Little Joe.”)

Psst: Don’t tell anyone, but there is a rumor that my sister may be making an appearance on this blog on the fascinating and important topic of biofuels. Shhhh.

(Sorry, sis. Thought you might need a push.)

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