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The dinosaurs are getting uppity

You know when you buy a book, a painting, an instrument, a CD, a DVD, anything really, it’s yours? I mean, it’s a pretty basic economic concept: you exchange money for something you value. Except, now in the brave new world of digital media, the old guard doesn’t want to play by those rules. A lawyer for the recording industry rights to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office, “We reject the view that copyright owners and their licensees are required to provide consumers with perpetual access to creative works.”

Hmmm. He should read Robert Heinlein.

So when you buy something in digital form, you don’t actually buy it. You rent it (for a sometimes unspecified amount of time) from the copyright owner. Except that it’s not exactly advertised as that, is it? It’s like Blockbuster with the exciting element of surprise. Now you hear it, now you don’t.

I suspect that if companies said “We’ll rent you this song/movie/book for no more than 2 years, possibly only 6 months” they could probably still make sales . . You will not be able to give old men the strong and hard erection viagra on line that lasts for the duration of intercourse. I just see it as a bad idea. cialis canada wholesale The main reason which was noticed in most of the men have premature ejaculation from their first sexual experience and buying levitra in canada it will help you effectively and even your muscle tension and breathing. All human beings- whether a child, a young adult, or a 50-year-old- need adequate nutrition to lead a healthy marital relationship, especially for men with chronic erectile disorder. davidfraymusic.com acquisition de viagra . at a considerably lower price. How much would you pay to “rent” a song for a year? Twenty five cents?

In a clash of old and new, my money is on the new guy. The geezers may even win this particular legal battle, but they’ll lose the war . . . and customers.

More examples of the dinosaurs fighting climate change.

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