The buying season

I woke up in the wee hours with a combination of jaw pain and sinus pain. Then I googled chronic jaw pain and scared myself to death with the phrase  “jaw replacement.” So I bought some boots (af). I needed the boots, but it was still a rather impulsive bit of shopping therapy for me. I don’t normally do that. I did not get out of my bed in the pre-dawn hours and battle crowds for stuff, but more power to you if you did.

And that most likely concludes my Black Friday shopping, except for these. It’s everything that’s wonderful about my childhood in a donut. It is magic. And it does melt in your mouth.


So that’s it for my Black Friday adventures. However, I will be doing some shopping this weekend. Compass Classroom is having a great sale through Monday, and I’m going to get the Greek and Latin roots vocabulary program.  Peace Hill Press is also having a huge sale on Monday. Hmmm, do I need anything grammary or history-y?
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If you’re doing online shopping, consider supporting your favorite blogs and organizations by linking to Amazon through their websites. It costs you nothing and adds a little to their coffers. And maybe link through mine once in a while, if you don’t mind? You’ll make this blogger a very happy camper.

Thanks! And happy shopping.  (P.S. you may now commence playing Christmas music.)


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