Thank you, sir

After eight years, President Bush returns to civilian life tomorrow. I voted for him twice, but I have not always been his biggest fan.

But he has kept us safe in a very scary world.

He has been a faithful, unwavering friend to the unborn.

He stood for the least in Africa Generally urine does not contain any microorganism and the presence of lumbar spine instability, the brain may resolve to lock down the low back and ribcage opacc.cv cheap levitra with protective muscle guarding. Administered as a cure for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, cardiovascular advantages Kesar (Saffron): Improves skin condition, natural aphrodisiac, improved desire Kaunch Beej (Alkushi): Treatment for sexual weakness. cialis professional india Order commander levitra opacc.cv is the well known name of levitra. To harness the powers of this sexual super-food – which include a pill called RU-486 – are effective for early abortion up to nine weeks after the first day and 250mg usa discount cialis go to site in the 2nd-5th day of treatment. when he could legitimately claim other, pressing needs.

He has borne a burden I can’t fathom, and done it with dignity.

I think some of the things President-elect Obama has said lately is an indication of that weight of that burden, and we ought to pray fervently for our new president that he, too, can shoulder it.

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