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Terrible Tuesday: Weather mood swings.

Sunday, the highs were in the mid-70s. Yesterday the lows were in the high-20s. It’ll be in the 60s again by Thursday. We may get snow next week. It’s making me woozy.

Hot and cold links!

Speaking of cold, a neurobiologist thinks central heating may contribute to obesity. Hmm.

Homeschool Barbie! I giggled.

A British bank won’t let customers withdraw their money unless they provide proof of why they need it. Um, because it’s their own money? How is this even legal? Oh, yeah. Britain.

Most of these are not entirely unexpected. I didn’t know Pennsylvania and Connecticut were particularly haunted. And Ohio? That’s… interesting.

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google autocomplete map

A New Zealand school reduces bullying by… getting rid of playground rules? I think there’s a lesson here somewhere…

The health hazards of sitting. Which is why I advocate lying down.

This week’s Spaced-Out Challenge is full of spacey goodness, including a nice little rant about light pollution — an issue that can be somewhat remediated by existing, not really that expensive technology. And there are new technologies being developed all the time, like this glow in the dark path paint.

And for a taste of what magnificence is visible in a dark sky, check out these images from Africa.  Oooh. Aaaaaah.

Zambezi Panorama

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