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Terrible Tuesday: Switching gears

Like a lot of homeschoolers, we don’t do a traditional summer break. But while we don’t stop our lessons completely, we do scale back and leave plenty of time for lazy hours by the pool and even a trip or two. So the general plan is a couple of hours of lessons and lots of lollygagging. And no regularly scheduled appointments!

Summer vacay links!

Video on my to-watch list: How to read J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s longish, but I assume “wearing elfin ears” is in there somewhere.

What’s lost as handwriting fades.

Flag Day is June 14, Founder’s Academy has a free mini-lesson for the holiday.


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When to plant stuff in North Texas.

Favorite movie scenes recreated in Legos.

Spaced-Out Challenge: Lunar X. Look for this rare view on June 5.

A couple of weeks ago, we watched Newsies for our family movie night. All the kids liked it, but Satchmo declared it “The best movie so far. Good choosing, mom!” It was a proud moment.

This medley is pretty impressive, too. Make sure you click through and watch the behind the scenes video to truly appreciate all the talent and work that went into it.

Happy summer, however you’re spending it.

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