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Terrible Tuesday: One car edition

We’ve been having some issues with our van for a while now, but we think we’ve finally figured it out. We replaced the whatchamacallit for $80. That helped but didn’t solve it completely, so we bought a $20 whatsit, but that wasn’t the main problem, even though we needed to replace it. So we got a $70 doo-hickey. That didn’t solve the problem, but it did narrow down the problem considerably. Now we’re waiting on a $250 thingamabob, which will almost definitely solve the problem — which has gotten significantly worse — but won’t be in until later this week. So we’re down to one vehicle.

Unfortunately, this was a week of “You take this kid that way, and I’ll take these kids this way. We’ll meet in 3 hours and switch.” Now it’s, “I’m going to slow down and you and the kid jump out, then I’ll tear down the highway at 90 miles an hour to get the other kid to the other place.”

Speed-demon links!

This week’s Spaced-Out Challenge isn’t about space, per se, but about the drive to look up, and one man’s really awesome creation.  CAC asks “So for followers of the Spaced-Out Challenge, what do you get out of looking up?” For me, it’s simply this: Wonder. I never fail to be awed by the night sky — even a sky whose magnificence is dimmed by light pollution.


Milky Way 2
Photo: Astrophotography from the Mountains and Forests.


Speaking of astronomy and creatively passionate people: The sky of Middle Earth.

And even more passion and geekery!  Star Trek themed chat between a Netflix customer service rep and customer.

Captioned “Every little brother ever.”
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making face

I like this idea of writing rejection letters, even if you never send them. I can think of a few I’d like to write.

Check out this is re-creation of an American town using forced perspective photography and without any special equipment. I bet my kids would love to try something like this.

Interesting article on paying the babysitter.

1 month 1 day! Whovian Squee!


Hammer time! Yeah, I’ve had this repairman.

2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday: One car edition”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    Want to read the link about the babysitter but it is the Netflix one( which is awesome)

    1. April Avatar

      Fixed! Thanks for letting me know. I love that Netflix exchange.

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