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Terrible Tuesday: Oh boy

Tuesdays have been pretty intense this fall, with 3 hours of occupational therapy, an hour of speech therapy, and one and a half hours of Orchestra, not to mention the 2 to 3 hours of driving. Just to keep things interesting, we’ve decided to throw in a softball game every Tuesday for the next month. Pray for rain.

Frazzled links!

Bet this happened on a Tuesday: Bison gets burned by a hot spot in Yellowstone, chased by a grizzly bear, manages to get away, then. . . Well, I’ll let you read that for yourself. It’s just too awful. Amazing pictures, though. That guy’s story tops everyone’s “You’ll never believe what happened today” story, forever.

A very interesting article on the increase in autism diagnosis and brainy, introverted boys. Perhaps it’s not only schools that are impairing our boys.

And I thought my boys had waxy ears. 10-inch-long ear wax plug tells the tale of a blue whale’s life.

It’s fall, so you know what that means?

pumpkin all the things

The Pioneer Woman shares her favorite pumpkin recipes. She’s a giver!

Also in time for fall, a guide to the autumn sky. CAC (Conservative Art Critic) has a weekly astronomy post, usually on Sundays, but sometimes on Mondays. I’ll probably start linking to it just so you don’t have to walk through the sometimes sketchy neighborhood of Ace of Spades Headquarters. Hey! I’m a giver, too!
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A homeschool mom posted this after the Navy Yard shootings, but it has good advice for any atrocity. How I talk to my kids about mass shootings. I think it’s important, for us as well as for our kids, to “look for the helpers,” as Mr. Rogers advised. In Kenya, stories of heroes are emerging. An off-duty SAS officer rescued 100 people, continually returning to the mall with only a handgun. A young mother got her two children out of the mall, then returned to rescue two more children whose mothers had been killed. (Toward the end of this story.)


lewis brave knights


Speaking of heroic courage, lessons in manliness: The Hobbit. I got something from it, too, even though I’m not very manly.

This is a beautiful, heartbreaking story that reminds us we really don’t know how other people are struggling. We ought to default to kind.

So far, I’m impressed with The Federalist, a new online magazine. This is a great article about kids and risk and neighborhood nannies.

Stranger danger!

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