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Terrible Tuesday: Good intentions vs. warm bed

Last night, the Leonid meteor shower peaked. Despite being bone tired, I duly set my alarm for 1 a.m. But at 1 a.m., that part of my brain that would really like just five minutes of peace and a good night sleep for once, dangit, said, “Don’t you dare.” So I didn’t. There should be meteors for the next couple of days, so I may try again tonight.

Missed opportunity links!

How to make friends as an adult. I’m not saying I need this. But I’m not NOT saying I need this.

As homeschoolers, my kids do not know the joy of school book fairs. Poor them. As a homeschool mom, I get the joy of Scholastic Warehouse sale. It’s good to be queen! Or “homeschool personnel,” as the case may be.

European study correlates raw milk with fewer colds and infections. No, correlation is not causation, but it’s one more data point in favor of raw milk. That and the yummy taste!

These seem like nice kids to visit. I wonder if I can go and get tea and gentle handling.

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Beautiful and intriguing: a man has taken a picture of his wife and her sisters every year for forty years.

I actually feel a bit guilty for linking to this, because I can see it sucking you in for hours and hours. (Ask me how I know.) But it’s too great not to share: The Kids Should See This is a collection of fascinating videos that kids of all ages will love.

Brilliant way to make your enemies work against themselves. (Turn on closed captioning.)

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