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Terrible Tuesday: Expansive edition

Have you ever noticed that how when you get more of something — time, space, money, etc. — you expand to fill it up? If you move to a bigger house, in a couple of months it’s as cluttered as your smaller space. A raise gets spent as soon as it’s earned, and an opening in the schedule disappears before you can blink.

Theoretically, I ought to have all kinds of time this summer. And yet. . .

Bad planning links!

5 posts you’ll never see on social media, primarily because not posting anything is how you communicate this. If that makes sense.

The Spaced-Out Challenge covers the moon landing anniversary and features some beautiful amateur supermoon photos.

Math gifs! I don’t know why I’m so excited about that.

This recipe makes me really sad my zucchini attempts have failed. But at least I can find it cheap at the grocery store now.

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fire ant

A few months ago, the great Bill Watterson came out of retirement to sub for Stephen Pastis of Pearls Before Swine. Now he’s auctioning off the drawings for charity. Wouldn’t that be great if this was the beginning of a comeback?

From an article revealing some of the details of the death of a legendary Marine: “I was with him in Fallujah,” the Marine continued. “And if we had to go back in there, I’d follow him in with a spoon.”

If you’ve missed it (how can you have missed it?) Weird Al Yankovic put out a new video every day leading up to the release of his new album. I feel very old because I didn’t know most of the songs. Anyway, this is a great story of how he inspired one little girl.

This is my favorite of the new videos, but I’ll admit I only know the original song by reputation. Mosey on off my lawn.

2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday: Expansive edition”

  1. Beth Avatar

    Word Crimes is my favorite, too. But seriously, if you want a sign of the apocalypse, google the lyrics to Blurred Lines. It’s wretched.

    1. April Avatar

      Ugh. Now I need a mind bath.

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