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Terrible Tuesday: Election Day!

We have a mess of propositions and some bond initiatives for our city. I really ought to decide how I’m going to vote, huh? Here’s a round-up of voter guides from the conservative/libertarian perspective. They really don’t like the water initiative.  Wherever you are, go vote for something.

Participatory government links!

Spaced-Out Challenge: Thar be monsters! Well, constellations of monsters.

Round-up of free and cheap kindle books by The Headmistress of the Common Room.

If we dug straight through the earth, we’d end up in the Indian Ocean. The only people who can get to China are in South America, specifically people in Chile and Argentina.

This is a picture a friend took in her backyard. Don’t worry, she doesn’t live in my city. She lives 15 miles away. Texas. God bless ya.
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snake and toad
The toad looks very put out. Click the image to see the whole series.

More in technological developments to save energy, money, and potentially dark skies: glow in the dark paths.

Interesting article about the “hands behind your back” Montessori…technique? Yeah, I guess we could call it a technique. I like it.

Lego Darth Vader being photo-bombed by R2-D2. That scamp.

empire strikes back

Why coffee is good for you. I love you, coffee, and I always will.

13 nutrition lies that make the world sick and fat. Well, the developed world anyway.

And finally in the health section of Terrible Tuesday (how did that happen?), The Myth of American’s Poor Life Expectancy. Interesting data here.

Kung Fu Piano. Not what you think.

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