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Terrible Tuesday: dental emergency

Last night after a very, very long day, Bulldozer came in with a chipped tooth courtesy his scooter.

chipped tooth

He’s still a cute kid.

Unexpected-dental-bill links!

The first Dark Sky Island is the last fiefdom in Europe.

How to outsmart Facebook and see what you want to see. That is until they change the algorithm again.

Ever take a picture of a white board (because who want to take notes), but the result is illegible? Clean up white board pictures with these resources.
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A picture from this guy’s 1st day of storm chasing. Good first day. Now, how do you top it?


Gigantasaur! Paleontologists discover the largest dinosaur ever.

Suck it up, buttercup!

A tale of  two cows. I not only love my raw milk, but I’m becoming a little afraid of cooked, homogenized, altered milk. Plus it tastes awful.

Usually, “You’re doing it wrong” stuff makes me ragey because it means more work and hassle and I’m doing the best I can, dangit! This guy makes me happy because his advice is to do less for better results. And drink more coffee for the health of your plants. Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to compost but felt it was too much trouble, give this guy a listen.

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