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Terrible Tuesday: Camp Week

This week our girls have Girl Scout Twilight Camp and our boys have Cub Scout Twilight Camp. For the first year in 5 years, I’m not at Girl Scout Camp. I miss it. And I’m very, very tired after just one day. I’m too old for camp.


Coffee as a health beverage. I drink for my health and your safety.

Gift from my father-in-law. It's like he knows me or something.
Gift from my father-in-law. It’s like he knows me or something.

In other coffee news, caffeine withdrawal is now a mental disorder. As Stephen Green said (in slightly more colorful language): Man up America!

Speaking of Stephen Green, he gave a beef jerky tutorial on twitter and I storified it.

In other food news, I made these wings for our Friday night pizza/movie family fiesta. They were yummy and a lot less expensive than the premade stuff. I also made them a tinge too hot. Lesson learned.

 23 tips for maintaining your sanity while living with children. Funny wisdom. Not the “hey this smells funny” funny, the coffee spitting funny.

A different sort of encouragement, but very good: For the dog days of motherhood when you want your money back.

Homeschoolers, the Well-Planned Day is an excellent planner and they have some great bundled deals through the end of the month.

Speaking (writing?) of homeschooling, the guy who does Visual Latin (which we love) was doing a hilarious photo essay of Max the Lego Centurion on his vacation. Then one of his kids lost Max. As a commenter said, “That’s what happens when you take your kids on vacation with you.”)
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VL Max


We should be spending more on pricey cancer drugs. This is an important article, because it helps explain some of the shift in where our health care dollars go. Many things we had to treat for surgery previously, we can now treat with medicines. That’s actually a really good thing.

Here’s a tip: when trying to commit fraud involving faking a disability, stay away from the Big Wheel. (And don’t commit fraud, thief!)

9 things to do to make sure your next blog post is read by more than your mom. Hi, mom!

But also Why I think you should break the blogging rules. Everything in balance, people.

And the last one on blogging: 25 cheatsheets and infographics for bloggers.

Science is awesome.

Not the same direct homage as the Star Wars episode, but Star Trek fans will enjoy this week’s Kid Snippet. (And frankly, we’re more clever and don’t need to be hit over the head with the references to get them. *glares at J.J. Abrams*)

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