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Terrible Tuesday: Behind the times

You know how you get a little bit behind? Just a bit, no big deal. Half an hour max would set you straight. But then you get a little bit behind in something else.  Then something else falls behind. And something else, etc., etc., etc.

At this point, I’m going to need a new month. I’d name it after myself, but …

Need-more-time links!

The science and history of trans-fats. I find it amusing that the government and nannies that pushed trans-fats on us are now telling us we can’t have them.

Advice for interacting with someone in the midst of a trauma: Comfort in, dump out.

I wonder if this kid got accepted to college? I would have said yes.

This week’s Spaced-Out Challenge is a cometapalooza. Lots of good stuff about comets in general, specific comets you can see right now, and the best equipment for seeing comets and other spacey things. Comets!

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Being open and misunderstood on the Internet. It seems like some people go to a lot of trouble to deliberately misunderstand.  (From the same author, screen rules for kids — and adults.)

10 most likable movie villains. Loki is a likable villain, isn’t he?

TED talk on teaching statistics before calculus. This makes a lot of sense.  (A delayed autoplay video.)

Cheaper by the Dozen (af) and Bells on the Toes (af) are now available for kindle. Our family loves the audiobook of Cheaper by the Dozen.

I laughed til I cried at this. Or maybe I was just crying. (There is one tiny bit of foul language around the zipper part, but you might not even notice it. Except I pointed it out so you will. Just so you know if you’re watching with kids, which I was. I don’t think they noticed. They did think it was a riot, probably because it’s so familiar.)

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