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Terrible Tuesday: At least the weather’s nice

It’s been beautiful here lately: sixties and seventies, clear skies. But it’s still February.

Eighteen more days links!

10 Bible scenes that should be made into LEGO Sets. For the Protestants, just substitute Elijah and the Prophets of Baal for Judith.

C.S. Lewis titles on-line.

19 fairly useful baking hacks. (The headline at the link really oversells it, but I believe in truth in headlining.)

I could be friends with these people. 11 texts that sum up a marriage.

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A letter to my autistic son on his 9th birthday.

Oh, look! It’s “make April feel guilty season!” A.K.A. the beginning of gardening in North Texas.

Severus Snape’s story in chronological order. Get your hankie.

Lap kitty?

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