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Terrible Tuesday: A new adventure

Thirteen years ago today…

“You DO NOT want to mess with me after the day I’ve had!”

Our Little Miss is 13. My heart is overflowing with all sorts of emotions. I can barely believe that this used to be her! And us! Man, we were noobs. She was only 4lb 15 oz when she was born. Other than being small, she was very healthy, but she was oh so tiny. Newborn clothes and diapers swallowed her. Now she can wear my clothes.

This is us, not actually believing they let us take her home.
This is us, not actually believing they let us take her home. We had absolutely no clue about what were doing.

I miss cuddling this little pea, but I love the young lady she has become. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, fun person. Babies are delightful, and children are entertaining, but teens are interesting. I’m looking forward to the sharing the next few years with her as she stretches her wings, pursues her dreams, and begins her own quest for world domination. (We’re a lot alike.)

Is that a nature journal or her plans to take over the world?

Happy birthday, sweet girl. You make my heart happy. Bittersweet links! (Somebody pass me a tissue.)

NASA is awesome.

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15 Things you should give up to happy. A lot of wisdom at that link.

Tips and advice for a distracted people. (That’d be me.)

I can’t wrap my mind around getting upset at this ad. Some people need to be shin kicked.

The Difference Between Congregational Worship and a Concert.

Great tip for overcoming worry.

One in Ten Young People Have Been Rejected for Jobs Because of Their Social Media History.

And the weekly Kid Snippet. I can see my boys doing this one.

3 responses to “Terrible Tuesday: A new adventure”

  1. carrie Avatar

    And now I’m crying. I remember the phone call that it was happening and I remember watching this little life come into the world. I have so many precious memories of this little girl and I’m so blessed I get to be her aunt and watch her become even more amazing…if thats possible.

    1. April Avatar

      Aw. I’m so glad you got to be there for that, and I’m glad it didn’t permanently scar you. What I remember about that day is you answering questions from the census taker! That was wild.

  2. Carrie Avatar

    That was surreal to say the least!

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