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Terrible Tuesday: 847 miles to Louisville

Traveling links!

1984 was a big year in cinematic history. I was 10, so I only saw Star Trek and Karate Kid. (Plus the movie we agreed to pretend didn’t happen: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.)

Leawood, Kansas: on the front lines protecting the citizenry against 9-year-olds and their evil agenda of literacy and generosity.

Better book link: Summer reading list for adults! I really want to read The Weed Agency.

book recommendation

One more book link: Books for Boys (and girls. People really, mostly on the youngish side, but there’s no reason all ages won’t enjoy these.)
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There’s always that one kid.

Cracked edits some well-known quotes.  (Again, it’s Cracked, and while this is pretty mild, do understand your leaving mom-blogger land.)

Good advice to parents about kids and technology.

Naughty doggie.

See you on the other side of the Mississippi!

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