Terrible Tuesday

The less terrible edition. Because today we only had occupational therapy and while Little Miss has a softball double header, MTG is doing that while I’m eating popcorn and watching a Peanuts Christmas movie with the other three.


Links!  Mixing some controversial with noncontroversial this week. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m not sure what I think about this, although it really just takes the gated community concept to the logical conclusion. Still, it’s a little unsettling: Cities as hotels.  (And why does cities as hotels discomfort me, but the idea of floating countries intrigue me?  Hmmmm.)

So Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry said nasty things about social security, like it’s a Ponzi scheme. Who says that? Oh yeah, everybody on the left and the right.

Jimmie Bise, Jr. points out that social security isn’t a Ponzi scheme, it’s worse.

Not to get all inter-generational conflicty here, but does anyone under say… 45 think we’ll see any social security money? That Medicare will be around.  So we fix or it fixes itself in a big old collapsing mess? Right?

Moving on!

I once pointed out how useless those “Post this if you care about x issue” statuses (stati?) on facebook are.  It’s always fun pissing off friends and loved ones.  This person makes the same point, much better than I did. Slactivism: How Raising Awareness is Hurting the Cause.

For our 12th anniversary last Sunday, I took MTG to Toys R Us and he picked out Legos that we assembled at Outback. Best. Date. Evah! Yeah, we’re geeks.
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Need to up your geek knowledge? Here are the Top 10 Geek Axioms. via Evan Pokroy, aka Nerf Warrior.

Bonus Lego Geekage. (click it, trust me.)

More controversy!

Moral High Ground, The Left’s “morally superior” policies kill millions and impoverish billions. I think technology is generally more helpful than harmful and denying technological advances to developing countries is immoral.

Ahem. Homeschool controversy! Sort of.

There’s this homeschooling article that’s making the rounds. There are some very good and important things in it and I hope all parents take the message to heart. Summed up: don’t be a jerk to your kids and you’re a fallible, sinful human, not a homeschooling super hero. A couple of things. One, it can apply to all Christian parents.  Two, I have mostly seen it pushed by non-homeschooling Christians with a sort of subdued glee that one could interpret as  smugness.  Yeah, because you’re not so hot now, lousy homeschoolers.

Perhaps that’s a little touchy.   Sometimes I just wonder why my educational choices offend others so much. (And some people get really offended by homeschooling. I just don’t get it.)

Second, a far, far better article on homeschooling, both the bad and the good, is this article by Jamie Martin, “The Worst Reasons to Homeschool.

A happier homeschool link is this very cool resource of printable (although you can also buy posters) math and science charts.

And finally, bless his heart.

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