Terrible Tuesday

Actually, this Tuesday wasn’t very terrible, thanks mostly to the delightfully named SooperMexican who reminded me that no matter how incompetent I am, I’m covered by the Grace of God. Best. God. Evah!

But still, I have GOT to get better at blogging, so LINKS!

(Incidentally, I’m listening live to the Delivery and Jimmie is ranting fantastically on the horror happening in London. Check out the podcast. Plus, Amelia Hamilton talks about her new book in the 2nd half. Squee!)

Okay…LINKS! (Did I already say that?)

This is just an amazing woman: Nancy Wake, aka The White Mouse, an Allied spy in World War II has died. She at one time topped Germany’s most wanted list.

Tax hikes I think everyone should get behind. Bwahahahaaaa!

Do you know Homeschool Freebie of the Day? You should know it, even if you don’t homeschool. Because FREEBIE OF THE DAY!  Anyway, Friday they linked to the entire Chronicle of Narnia Series in audio book. Just… wow. And the rest of that website looks amazing, too. Unlike most of the Freebies of the day, this one is free all the time.
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And they also linked to this great resource on classical music. Really, you should sign up for the mailing list, or at least check out the blog.

I plan on blogging on the debt and the downgrade (although not, I think, what has generally been said. I gotta an angle.) BUT this should be known by everyone. The U.S. debt now exceeds our GDP.  Just a note, there is a difference between debt–what we owe ($14.5 Trillion) –and deficit–how much more the government is currently spending than it takes in taxes and other revenue ($1.4 Trillion). So our debt is growing because of our deficit, therefore we can’t begin to address the debt until we’ve addressed the deficit.  You should also take a look at the US Debt clock, including our unfunded mandate–the money we’ll have to pay to entitlements if nothing changes. Right now that number is $115 Trillion. And if that doesn’t put a knot in your stomach then you didn’t understand anything in this paragraph.

The talking point from the talking class is that while all the above facts indicate a serious problem, the public doesn’t really want to deal with it with “extreme” measures like Cut, Cap, and Balance. But polls show differently.

Update on Fast and Furious and Gunwalker, the ATF allegedly allowed drugs as well as weapons to flow over the border? Law enforcement: you’re doing it wrong.

Finally, because I haven’t linked to him in a while, because it is very relevant to our own national debate on entitlements and what is happening in London, and because he is awesome, Bill Whittle on Rich Man, Poor Man.

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