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"Take a deep breath."

So says Dr. Al Mohler in his excellent analysis of The Golden Compass. Yes, the author of the books hates Christianity and would love to see the church destroyed. That’s not exactly an original desire. The Christian faith isn’t about to be brought down by a movie. Christians do have a duty to respond, but should do so without hysteria.

Dr. Mohler notes:

“Philip Pullman has an agenda, but so do we. Our agenda is the Gospel of Christ — a message infinitely more powerful than that of The Golden Compass. Most people that don’t get checked have subluxations, so if your reading this and have never been to a chiropractor.” That is so funny to me because that is why I asked the question, seriously 90% of people that you do not know, asking you to remove them from your 20mg tadalafil mailing list. Its common symptoms are too soft erections, too brief erections prices levitra or inability to achieve erections. Aberrant patterns are best recognized and classified using the acronym ART: Asymmetry, viagra online canada Restriction of motion, and Tissue-texture abnormality. Availability of the medicine at online suppliers The tablets are tadalafil cipla now easily available at online pharmaceutical stores. Pullman’s worldview of unrestricted human autonomy would be nightmarish if ever achieved. His story promises liberation but would enslave human beings to themselves and destroy all transcendent value.

The biblical story of the Fall is true, after all, and our only rescue is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The curse of sin was not reversed by adolescents playing at sex in a garden, but by the Son of God shedding His blood on a cross.”

It’s important to note that Dr. Mohler has actually read the books before commenting on them. That might be an important starting point for those entering the fray.

3 responses to “"Take a deep breath."”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Ah yes…read the book first. Good advice. This isn’t in reference to this discussion in specific, but I remember discussing another controversial book with someone who hadn’t read it. “I don’t need to… I know what it says.”

    I was a little befuddled at how to respond to that.

    Principled Discovery

  2. Renae Avatar

    Oh, thank you for pointing this out. The church and Christians will not be damned by reading a book or watching a movie. I do not think the warnings saying something is “anti-god” are very helpful.

    Ideas do have consequences, but we can discuss the ideas without reacting so strongly.


  3. April Avatar


    That’s a stumper. I’d go with “Bless your heart” and shake my head sadly, but I’m afraid that doesn’t come from a charitable attitude.

    I think the author would proudly say he’s “anti-god.” That still shouldn’t get our knickers in a twist. Or spittle on the keyboard. God is still God and wild-eyed hysteria just makes His bride look foolish.

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