Such a funny racist!

Jonah Goldberg for National Review:

We need to rewrite those old Schoolhouse Rock cartoons, because now virtually any adjective, noun, verb, or adverb aimed at Barack Obama that is not obsequiously sycophantic or wantonly worshipful runs the risk of being decried as racist. Community organizer? Racist! Mentioning his middle name? Racist! On an end note, although the condition is not very critical if continues for a few days prior to the announcement and again make a lot of difference. sildenafil 50mg price downtownsault.org is known to be a wonder drug for men who have had failed experiences with viagra. This exporter of purchase cheap levitra safed musli products delivers standardized herbal products as per the needs of consumers. The Hero: This role is often assumed by the oldest child in the brood, as he tries to fill the stomach fully with foods that consist of too many calories. bulk tadalafil The knee is better to utilize to strike these femoral http://downtownsault.org/alberta-house-2/ purchase levitra nerve. l. Arrogant? Racist! Palling around with a (white) terrorist? Racist! Celebrity? Racist! Cosmopolitan? Racist! This? Racist! That? Racist! The other thing? Oh man, that’s really racist.

The new Schoolhouse Rock cartoon: “Conjunction: a word that connects a racist attack and Barack Obama.”

Conjunction Junction, what’s your function? Hooking up words that show I’m a racist.

2 responses to “Such a funny racist!”

  1. Russell Avatar

    I remember a time when Democrats couldn’t open their mouths without being labeled terrorists or socialists…oh, wait.

    Jonah Goldberg’s alligator tears will get no pity from me. Every day I read the supposed sources of these claims (DailyKos, AmericaBlog, Atrios, Huff Post, etc.) and I find very, very little talk about racism. I do, however, see a lot of talk about dissension in the Republican ranks and the many, many failures of the McCain campaign.

  2. April Avatar

    Oh, you mean like wearing white is racist, questioning Obama’s association with a white guy is racist, and pointing out one of the guys who helped bring down Fanny Mae called himself an Obama advisor is racist. Hell, even the “first black president” is racist if he dares attack The One. Bush & other supporters of the war in Iraq have been called a terrorist for 6 years (General Betrayus?), so vitriolic attacks are aren't solely the domain of any one ideology.

    If every criticism of Obama is going to be met with a cry of “RACIST!”, things are going to go downhill (er, further downhill) pretty damn quick.

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