Subversive philanthropy

A group of undercover restorers in Paris have fixed a landmark clock, in secret, over the course of a year. “Since the 1990s they have restored crypts, staged readings and plays in monuments at night, and organised rock concerts in quarries.” Interesting, no?

This got me giggling though:
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Yes, this is in Paris. As in Paris, France. Can you imagine replacing all the areas the French government is incompetent? You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

h/t: Challies

2 responses to “Subversive philanthropy”

  1. Dr. T Avatar
    Dr. T

    Great plan, though. Suppose we wee to replace all the areas where the U.S. government was incompetent. What would be left? I also like the idea of such an underground culture. We could use some of that here, in the U.S.

  2. April Avatar

    What gets me is that the French police were unaware of it’s existence until 2004. 15 years of underground concerts and it’s just now discovered? Maybe the first thing to be taken over should be the police! Frankly, one of the things that appeals to me is government incompetency. If they’re running around in circles, they aren’t messing with me. It’s when they get organized that we have the problem. Then the incompetence spreads like a virus.

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