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Strange bedfellows

This week in my Communities Digital News, I write about National School Choice Week. In just a little while, Tea Party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz will join the progressive congresswoman Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee at the kick-off rally in Houston. A look at the events being held around the country shows us that urban and rural, Christians schools, charter schools, weird unsocialized homeschoolers, people from any and all walks of life are advocating for various school choice measures. The movement that has grown from 150 events when it started in 2011 to 5500 events this year.

In a nation that is increasingly divided and moving more and more to centralized, federal control of every aspect of our lives, it’s nice to see so many people supporting what NSCW President Andrew Campanella called “absolute local control.” He says, “The best type of local control is control at the individual parent level. We want individual parents to be empowered to select the best school for their children.”


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Exercising our local control with science!

Is every school choice initiative perfect? Does every charter school or private school or homeschool serve children better than the public school system? No. But the right of families to decide what works best for them, and to have viable alternatives when the well-worn path isn’t working is important.

Read more about National School Choice Week at Between Errands at Communities Digital News.

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