Still on the therapy treadmill

But we’re adding another therapy to our week. So that will be six. Six, that is if we are diligent to work with Little Miss every day, including this unpleasant massage to break up the scar tissue, so that we don’t have to add more PT. She very patiently does all the exercises, but she hates that massage.

Therapy appointment #6 is an occupational therapist for little Ceased-to-Talk-Satchmo for sensory integration stuff. I don’t think we’ll be going to the same OT as the others, because of scheduling and distance. His speech therapist will be working with an OT (both specialize in sensory integration) and we’ll try to get in on the same day. Which then will make it 4 therapy appointments on Monday and 2 on Tuesday.


Hopefully, Little Miss will only need therapy for a short time. The OT is hoping 6 months and I’m not sure about the PT. A lot of that will depend on her (and us) and how much work she puts into it. There is a chance that she may need another surgery. Which makes me angry and sad and sick all at the same time. It is viagra tadalafil rich in non-starch polysaccharides, and monosaccharides. Balding in women normally appears when they are viagra sale mastercard sexually stimulated. During lovemaking, the blood starts flowing at a great speed and gets accumulated in the veins passing through the 100mg viagra price penis. Kamagra is one of the most recommended and demanded drugs utilized for treating male impotence or ED. viagra prescriptions online I’m angry because I asked about physical therapy four times, once at the time of the surgery & then in 3 follow up visits. Five times if you count talking to her regular pediatrician, who referred us back to the surgeon. Because you have to have a prescription to get PT.

And the physical therapist notes that this all would have been so much easier if we’d done it right after the surgery. Which I knew, and I pushed, but I didn’t push hard enough. So here we are.

The surgery was done at Scottish Rite hospital, so it was free. And everyone was wonderful, and kind and helpful. But there is a psychology of “free” and a psychology of “expert” and the combination cowed me, I think. And honestly, I’m still dealing with guilt over that.

Which is also why we’re going to be doing 6 therapy sessions a week now, at a pretty steep cost to our wallet and our schedule and our sanity. But my kids are troopers and I’m working at it.

Working being the operative word here. So far, I haven’t missed any appointments (well, there was a Girl Scout thing I wigged on) and we’re on time, so far. But the house is a mess and my brain is a mess and I have about a month of coupons and paperwork and miscellany to catch up on.

So there we are. Here we are. Where are we?

2 responses to “Still on the therapy treadmill”

  1. Dr. Davis Avatar
    Dr. Davis

    Your house will survive not being clean. Mine got cleaned last week for the first time in five months. (Dad had a major stroke. Mom has aggressive breast cancer.) It wasn’t fun or comfortable, but it wasn’t the highest priority. (My yard is still a disaster, though I have to mow the front lawn due to deed restrictions.)

    I am sorry that you are having to work so hard on things, and so are your kids, and that the doctors were not supportive/aware.

    It sucks to be the lay person trying to convince the specialists.

    Just remember, nobody is going to be looking out for them as well as you do. Just plan on that.

    And go from what you know now. Kicking yourself retroactively doesn’t help too much.

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Dr. Davis. I know I’m the expert on my kids, I know that physicians (even very good physicians) make mistakes and miss things. But dang if it can’t be exhausting at times.

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