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State of the Fair

Yesterday, the family made the great journey to the Texas State Fair.  Last year, the girls and I took a quick look around before we saw “Mary Poppins” at the Music Hall.  But this was the first year we truly went to the fair.  It was lots of fun.   And delicious.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all foods are better fried and all fried foods are better at the State Fair.  We had fried green tomatoes, fried okra, fried frito pie and funnel cake.  It was slap your momma good.  The Sprite got a turkey leg the size of Satchmo’s head.  Not fried, but still yummy!

The Stunt Dog show sent Bulldozer into raptures and we all enjoyed a nice ride on the Ferris Wheel.  However, with six people and $5 to $6 per ride, that’s all we did. 

Two older couples stopped us to give us extra tickets.  Because my kids are that cute.  (Also, with four kids, I’m sure they thought we could use the help!)  We turned down the second offer because we were on our way out with just enough tickets to get cotton candy.

One thing we didn’t get (I’m gonna look on Amazon) was this wonderful contraption.  It will make haircuts for the boys much easier: 

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I told MTG it was a shame we didn’t make it to the Minnesota State Fair so we could compare them.  Of course, we both know the Texas State Fair would have won hands down.  He knows.  He knows that I know that he knows.  It’s just foolish pride that won’t let him admit it.

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