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Spammed by the Obama Political Machine

So, a while back, I emailed the President via the public comments section at Whitehouse.gov regarding the hideous CPSIA. (I never got a reply, btw.) Today, I get spammed by political tool David Axelrod, using a whitehouse.gov It has very fewer side effects so one need not tadalafil online no prescription think much before having this medicine. Their underachievement is, at least initially, unexpected and unexplained, which is why the term is often misunderstood. canada in levitra Kamagra 100mg free sample of cialis is termed as the benefiting solution to every user who is experiencing the pressure of ED (Erectile dysfunction). At present, about 7 percent of remote control car products in the European market are made by http://secretworldchronicle.com/2014/03/ep-15-running-up-that-hill/ cialis purchase online CARRERA. address, pushing Obamacare.

Just so you know, when you exercise your right as a citizen to petition the government, Obama’s goons will use your information to spam you.

I reported them to flag@whitehouse.gov. It seemed pretty fishy to me.

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