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Something’s wrong

A familiar construct in sci-fi and fantasy is the induced utopia story. Everyone is living a passive, happy life, nothing bothers them. It’s all very nice, and not quite right. Then somebody snaps out of it (or was never affected in the first place) and saves the day for the messy, rambunctions disorderly humans. (Face it, we aren’t cut out for utopia.) See Star Trek (TOS) and Angel, for two among many examples of this story line.

The typical dialogue goes something like this:

Capt. Kirk: “Something. is. very. verywrong. Everyone. is. acting. so. . . calm.”
Scantily clad love interest: “Everything is fine, here smell this seemingly innocent flower that will infect you with spores and alter your brain and make you excessively and weirdly happy.”

Is it spores or demons or radio-waves that has infiltrated the brains of certain pundits, reporters and democrat mouthpieces?

“Why are they doing this? What’s their point? This isn’t at all like the Boston Tea Party and besides, everything is good! The Obamas got a puppy and the rest of the world loves us now and President Obama gives me happy joyful feelings in my soul! So what is wrong with you (more than half a million) people who went to these Tea Parties? Everything is fine.”

The mockery, the ridicule and the (false) wonderment at our “false populist outrage” is really getting on my nerves. So let me give you a little run down of why we aren’t feeling the spore/demon/radio-wave love.

First, the economic sky fell (almost fell, threatened to fall?) and everybody freaked out. Politicians came out of closed door meetings white faced and shaking, “experts” wailed to political pundits who wailed back. McCain ran around in circles and made Letterman all grumpy. Well, grumpier. The chorus cried in anguish, “We Must Do Something Now!”

And then a pleasant and comforting humming and whirring was heard, the sound of the printing press churning out money. And the freaked-out calmed down, but something didn’t seem right.

  • TARP part 1: $350 billion. whir, whir, whir
  • Barack Obama is elected and the media (almost?) wets itself in glee. whir, whir, whir
  • TARP part 2: another $350 billion. whir, whir, whir
  • $275 billion for the housing bailout. We hear the first rumblings that actually crack the pleasant talk of happy days are here again when Rick Santelli utters the word “Tea Party.”
  • $787,000,000 for “stimulus.” So here’s the “all is not right” problem. When some people (this lady, for example) hear government stimulus, they apparently hear “free money that will bring goodness and happiness and rainbows and unicorns to everyone everywhere, whir whir whir.” I hear “government stimulus” and I hear billions and billions of government works projects carried out with typical government efficiency. Billions and billions of opportunities for petty bureaucrats to get in on the Washington game of “now you owe me” with contractors, businesses, and special interest groups. All the efficiency of the DMV and all the integrity of three-card monte. Okay, back to the list.
  • So then Uncle Sam confiscated some car companies. (Wait. What? That can’t be right.)
  • And then, THEN, as if this wasn’t enough, if Obama’s budget passes, we’ll have trillion dollar deficits through at least 2019. If, (and it’s a very big if) all his rosy,”happy days are here again” predictions are accurate.

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But wait! There’s more.

Most of the people at Tea Parties were small government, libertarian and conservative types. We believe that government intervention means the loss of freedom. Every law takes away liberty. Not all laws are bad, but a ruling principle is that government should be very careful and slow to pass laws and take away liberties.

And yes, the small government boat has sailed, but just because it was bad enough, doesn’t mean we should stand idly by while it becomes 10 times worse.

Growth in government brings increased government regulation and meddling and greater infringement on our liberty. Government health care means not just government rationing your health care, but also government enforcing “healthy lifestyles.” Federal government expansion of education will mean less local control, more pointy headed special interest groups trying new and exciting learning theories on the kiddies. Government control of car companies and manipulation of energy policy to make us “greener” and more acceptable.

The vomitous spending is merely a vehicle to for the real goal: power to remake us into a utopian society. They aim to make us “better,” using social programs, the the stick of taxes and the carrot of government “benefits,” they want to build a “new foundation” remaking this nation in the image of progressive utopia.

And no, I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I think that anyone who would be passively enslaved by government regulations enforced by government bureaucrats must have been infected by strange alien spores. Something. is. very. very. wrong.


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