Something’s gotta give

I tend to clench my jaw when I’m stressed. Clenching my jaw gives me a headache. Having a headache makes it difficult to accomplish the #&$%^# to-do list. Getting behind on the #&$%^# to-do list stresses me out. I clench my jaw when I’m stressed. . .

This is slightly worrying because looking ahead to the school year, things are going to be more intense than ever — more places to be, more demands on time and money, less room for error. I know I need to get a handle on my stress level and how I handle it now, before the full-blown crazy starts.

stress meme

Part of that is better planning. I know I need to take a big chunk of time to plan our school year, that I need to take regular time for things like menu planning and fitting in extras like therapy exercises and field trips and all those things that shove themselves into life whether you like it or not. But again there’s that catch-22 of needing to take time to plan but already being so far behind I don’t have time to take. (Stop clenching your jaw, April.)
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One stressor that has been sneaking up on me is the grocery budget and meal planning. A recent review/revamp of our budget revealed that we have been busting our grocery budget every month, but we haven’t changed our eating habits at all. Food inflation is ridiculous and getting worse all the time. The fact is that comfortable meal plan I had won’t work unless we up the budget considerably. That’s not going to happen, so I have to adjust our menu. But that’s okay because everyone knows how much kids love change and trying new things. (Stop clenching your jaw, April.)

There are things that can be more efficient, better managed, or better executed to give some more breathing room.  I’ve tried to eliminate some time-intensive projects as well; I just hope it’s enough. And if you see me around, tell me to stop clenching my jaw. I really don’t need the headache.

How do you handle stress?

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