Simply Carnival

Dana has the Carnival of Homeschooling at her place this week. No, not that place, the other one. I’m two days late with it, but since she was a day late, then I’m only a day late which is almost the same as being on time.

Yeah, just go with it.

Good stuff at the carnival. I like this quote from LOTP’s post on being green homeschoolers, “Salamander informs me that pajamas all day would be okay with him. ‘It’s for the planet, Mom!’”

I’m hoping to take the girls to this Impressionist exhibit and this look like a good project to go with it.

Barbara Frank has a pretty new blog design and some encouragement for homeschoolers on the “credentials” issue.

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Ooh, and I need to look at this post on eye tracking problems, because the Bulldozer’s OT mentioned it.

There’s more to read, but I’ll have to go through the rest later because I got sidetracked by the debate. I must go to bed. Well, I must switch out the laundry, then go to bed. The laundry: my nemesis.

I’m thinking of renaming my blog “Rage against the laundry.” What do you think?

One response to “Simply Carnival”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Ooh. I hate laundry. That is why I outsourced it. My daughter gets a whopping 20 cents a load and I don’t have to fold anything anymore. 🙂

    The other day, we got way behind and she told me there was a gold mine sitting in the laundry room waiting for her. How is that for a nice laundry attitude?

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