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Sick day fun

My children have been struck with a very strange virus: vomiting and general tummy ickiness for approximately 12 hours, then *poof* all better. Which is really not bad, except they’ve decided to overlap. So instead of 12 hours, we’re heading into 36 hours. Little Miss has not yet been struck with the vile bug(nor have MTG or I, thank you, Jesus!). So we’re housebound today, because I’m not taking a vomiting four year old in the car, even if he’d be quarantined from the other children at co-op.

(Cute kid bit: at 3 a.m., when I was cleaning him up and getting him settled at the foot of my bed, he asked “What is happen to me?” It was very sweet and pathetic.)

So, we’re home, which is good because I have to clean up for my parent’s and grandparents, assuming they still want to come to the germ house.

But the kids are out some very fun stuff at co-op, so we’ll try to do something to make up for it, which is why I’m very thankful for Homeschool Freebie of the Day and their THREE science e-books: a very cool Ocean in a bottle, Cartesian Diver and Tornado e-books. Impotence is a curse that doesn’t have any cure or viagra canada pharmacies permanent solution. Standing in place for extended periods buying cheap cialis places an extra burden on the low back and legs. While average effectiveness for both drugs is around 70%, viagra 25 mg a shorter onset period (less than 30 minutes; viagra – 30-60 minutes) and greater effect duration (around 36 hours; viagra 25 mg – 4 hours). However, discount generic viagra is the best for treating this health condition but now question is what these treatments are? How should they be afraid of the disease forever? No! It can be cured by a suitable way. (You don’t have to be a homeschooler to get these, but you do have to get them today!) We’re going to do the first two, but not the last one today. It seems a little. . . involved for a lady cleaning up for her parents and dealing with sick kids.

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