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Refuse to look away

Warning: This post deals with details of abortion. I realize some people carry scars, and these things are too painful. But for everyone else, we need to look at the truth.

When the Rwandan genocide occurred, the media published pictures of the atrocities, to the consternation of some. Some people argued that pictures and videos of dead bodies violated the dignity of the victims. The argument from the media, and one I agree with, is that people needed to see what was happening. It is precisely because they are humans with inherent dignity that it was right to publicize their murders.


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Today in Philadelphia, a man is being tried for the murder of one woman and seven infants. The murder trial of Kermit Gosnell is horrifying. I’ll admit, I haven’t followed the details carefully because it’s so overwhelmingly awful. But I make myself stay updated because the woman and children Gosnell butchered were human beings with inherent value. They deserve justice, and their lives and deaths deserve to be noted.

Life News has been doing an amazing job of covering the story from it’s beginning. Gosnell is accused of delivering the children and then snipping their spines A screaming “little alien”  was handed to a nurse who was told to “deal with it.” Karnamaya Mongar, the 41-year-old victim.  died from an overdose of sedatives and narcotics. There are reports of forced abortions–with Gosnell restraining women who didn’t want to have an abortion. A clinic worker told of beheadings and the overwhelming amount of babies remains. “It would rain fetuses and blood. Fetus and blood all over the place.”

These are overwhelmingly evil crimes, but the media has been uncharacteristically silent.  People who aren’t pro-life are beginning to notice the media blackout on the murder trial. Kristen Powers wrote about it in USA Today. Even those who support abortion have noticed it. When called out, the media calls it a “local crime story.”  Why wouldn’t the media cover what has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster news story? Murder of innocents, incompetent bureaucracy, and exploitation of  poor and minority women–these are all topics that the media thrills at, provides wall to wall coverage and endless “analyses” in other situations.

I think the real reason they haven’t covered it is the one stated here: all Gosnell is really guilty is of killing babies 30 seconds too late. We look away not because of the horrific details of the case, but because those 30 seconds expose abortion for what it truly is: the murder of the tiniest members of our human family. If Gosnell and his crew had killed the babies before they emerged from the womb, if he’d had clean facilities and exercised “proper procedures,” he would still be aborting babies today. And indeed, 3000 babies will die today by other, more “law abiding” hands. And that’s the truth from which we must not look away.

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