Lately, homeschooling has been hard. Yes, it’s always hard, challenging, demanding. But lately, it’s been hard. And last week we had an unexpected houseguest and a (very minor) car wreck and a 4-day headache. And well, it was hard.

So Sunday, there’s information on a new university model school connected with our church, information night tonight. So we lined up a sitter (with surprising ease, thanks, Melissa!) and headed out.

It’s great. The curriculum looks solid, the price is reasonable, I know most of the teachers and many of the families attending. It would be a great opportunity to build relationships in our church. I would have more time to work with the boys and possibly get caught up on laundry sometime this decade. It looks good. Really good.

But. Well, somebody else would be setting the agenda. I’d make sure all the worksheets got filled out and all the books were read, but somebody else would be having most of those great conversations about history and science and literature and everything.
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I wouldn’t get the fun part of diving into the meat of a topic with my girls, watching their eyes alight with the excitement of finding a new interest and then encouraging them to find out more. Gone would be spur of the moment field trips, afternoons spent splashing in the creek, weeks at grandmas just because we can, and way too much time devoted to ancient Egypt and sharks.

We would sacrifice some of the joys and challenges of working together as a family, the opportunity for the girls to give sacrificially of their time and attention to their brothers and for the boys to be challenged by their sisters. Learning and education as an organic part of life would be exchanged for a much more formal, structured system. And that’s great for some people, but it’s not what I want for my kids.

So the school seems great. Really, truly. And for some people, I’m sure it’s the perfect answer. But I’ve got my reassurance, no matter how hard.

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