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Rational, well-crafted arguments? Swoon!

So, Andrew Klavan is my boyfriend, but Bill Whittle is totally giving him a run for his money.  Bill (can I call him Bill?  Yeah, I will.) has long impressed me with his low-key, relentless logical arguments for small government, personal liberty and American exceptionalism.   He was formerly at PJTV and now has a new venture called Declaration Entertainment.  I can’t wait to see what happens!

Where Andy (can I call him Andy? No?)  Where Andrew is great with the quick wit, sarcasm and poking holes in the arguments of his opponents, Bill not only demolishes arguments but also logically and methodically lays out the case for his beliefs.  He requires more time and mental effort, but he’s totally worth it.  (Again, I say, “Swoon.”)

In Part One of “What We Believe”, Bill lays out the basic motivations of the Tea Party Movement.  If you’re a supporter of the Tea Party, it will probably While one can have unica-web.com buy sildenafil tablets low libido once in a while but when it becomes a regular feature, it can wreak havoc on sex life since it results in long periods without sex or tepid sex. Janumet 50 500 mg tablets are one sided film-coated with 78 debossed, bi-convex oval and light blue generic viagra sildenafil in color. A doctor’s cialis 5 mg consultation will be an added inconvenience. It lowest cost of viagra contains high salt content which is higher, ounce for ounce than that of eggs. ring true.  You’ll be nodding and saying “Yes, exactly, that’s what it’s about.”  If you aren’t a fan or skeptical of the Tea Party Movement, watch this.  It’s not what you’ve been told. 

The second part of “What We Believe” lays out why, exactly, the “elites” can’t be the boss of us.  Not aren’t allowed (although, yes, we won’t let you), but why it just won’t work.


It’s 20 minutes of your time and many people can’t be bothered with that much investment.  Sure, they’ll watch a Seinfeld they’ve seen 5 times previously, but 20 minutes of information on the direction of our country is a no-go.  You’re better than that.  Watch the whole thing.  And then Bill can be your boyfriend, too.

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