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Rabbit trails and learning

While (not) doing math, Bulldozer drew a picture to illustrate how he thought the brain works — lots of gears, in case you were wondering. So I loaded up a brief video on how the brain really works because I’ve learned if I want him to refocus I have to let him answer the questions in his brain. And hope it doesn’t lead to a slew of new questions.

If you think that’s messy, you should see what I cropped out.

Afterward, he said, “It’s not like gears, but it is like gears.” So we had a fun conversation about analogies.

And that’s why it took him 2 1/2 hours to do his math.

I had planned on going to the Oklahoma Land Run Reenactment put on by some homeschoolers, but there was the 2 1/2 hours of math, plus a stack of other work, and a storm blowing in and…

Oh, to heck with it, we went anyway. Most of the kids got most of their work done, and a little rain won’t kill us. Most likely.

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Getting our instructions and a bit of history.

There were no Sooners at this land run. Homeschoolers don’t abide cheating. We’ll shoot you with the guns we’ve made in our garages!

Sprite is up in front with the blue bandana. Lead with your strongest runner, let mama mosey up whenever she feels like it.

This was our first year to attend, and we didn’t really know what to expect. It was a lot of fun. Homeschoolers are the entrepreneurist people I know. Everyone (except us) had something to sell. Bulldozer happened to have some left over cash from our Lego store trip (a minor miracle) and bought a sword and a shield and a paper airplane. Apparently, we haven’t covered anachronistic yet. Satchmo gathered his coins and borrowed a buck off me for a wooden rifle. There were also games and snacks, and even someone selling the opportunity to hold a snake. No, thank you.

OKLR 3.jpg
Woohoo! We’re proud owners of the Southeast corner of section 1! Party at the Thompson Homestead!

Even though lessons didn’t get done, learning certainly did. But tomorrow, tomorrow the kid is going to finish his work.

4 responses to “Rabbit trails and learning”

  1. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley


    1. April Avatar
  2. Erika Franz (@ETFranz) Avatar

    I love, love, love the gears in the brain. When are you going to sen him to a watch-making class? Has he started taking apart household appliances? Should I not be giving him ideas? Awesome stuff! And, I love the history bit!

    1. April Avatar

      Oh, he already has the bug. He wants to be an inventor.

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