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Armed with a hook!

I’ve recently taken up crochet, which is much easier for me than knitting. Knitting makes me curse. Crochet makes me curse less.

You know how when you get a new interest or hobby, everyone around you has to pay? Well this year, I drew my niece’s name for our gift exchange, so she gets the product of my new hobby. Behold: the cute little Weeping Angel!

angel 3

I used this free pattern from Ravelry. Other than having to translate from UK terms, it was pretty easy.

My instructor (A.K.A. my daughter) also made a crocheted Christmas present for the exchange. She drew my sister, who happens to love elephants. And voila!
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hat 2

Will my sister wear a hat with elephant ears and a trunk in public? Of course, she will! It’s pretty fetching.

hat 1

Watch out, world, I’ve got a crochet hook and a minimal amount of skill, and I’m not afraid to use them!

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  1. carrie Avatar

    Of course I will!

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