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Protection and parental rights

Protecting children from abuse and neglect is a serious duty, and there is no doubt that the authorities who are charged with that duty have no easy job. But what rights do government authorities have over our children when abuse and neglect aren’t at issue?

Today in my Washington Times Communities Pages column, I look at a Texas family whose children were removed from the home because they homeschool.

 tutt family

Even though homeschooling is legal, the fact that some people strongly disapprove of it is no secret. When those people are in positions of authority, it can put families in frightening situations. Most homeschoolers have researched what to do if CPS shows up at the door because of an anonymous complaint.  It’s a constant, nagging threat as we go about our completely legal business.

People who adopt or care for foster children are rightfully under more scrutiny from state authorities. But does that scrutiny extend to the revocation of rights other families enjoy? And is pulling children from their parents for almost two months warranted over concerns about education? Some of those children have disabilities and had already been pulled from family and shuttled around because they were adopted from the foster system.

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Read more at Between Errands at the Washington Times Communities Pages.


*I just learned that the AP Stylebook says homeschool should be home-school, home-schooler, and home-schooled, but also home schooling. And not homeschool in any case. I have to follow their rules in my column; but on my blog, it’s homeschool, homeschooler, homeschooled, and homeschooling. What do you use?

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