Planned unproductivity

I’ve been trying to rearrange my schedule so that Sunday is an actual day of rest instead of another day to get stuff done. It has been my day to go to the grocery store, which I’m sure you’ll agree is very important. I know my family thinks so. But going full throttle seven days a week is not only foolish, but it’s violating one of the Big Ten Rule From God. So: how to not do stuff on Sunday.

The number one way to wreck your productivity is to take a nap. And not one of those “chug a cup of coffee and lie down 20 minutes” jobs, a glorious, unregulated, no alarm and no plans nap. A nap that leaves you wondering whether it’s day or night, or the next day. A nap that makes you feel like you’re four again. A nap like that will completely wreck all your plans. Unless of course, your plan was to take a nap.

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I still have a few items on the to-do list, but I’m steadily moving them to other days. And I’ll make sure I plan a big nap in every Sunday to keep it holy. I’m pretty sure that’s what God had in mind, yes?

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  1. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley

    I like it! Very good plan!

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