Pie day!

Today, we bake the pies. I love pies so much. My own personal motto is, “You can never have too much pie.” My sister-in-law tried to tell me we don’t need that many pies, now she’s disinvited from Thanksgiving. More pie for me! (Kidding, Renee! I love you, but we always need more pie.)

Doesn’t Snoopy look happy? That’s because he has pie. Be like snoopy; have some pie.

We’ll also explode the cranberries and make the cranberry bread and read Cranberry ThanksgivingApril, aren’t your kids a little old for a picture book? Oh, silly imaginary person, you’re never too old for a great picture book! 

And as an added bonus, we’ll watch the funniest Thanksgiving moment on television ever. 

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What pie is a must-have for your Thanksgiving table? (Pecan. Always pecan. And apple, pumpkin, and chocolate.)


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2 responses to “Pie day!”

  1. carrie holley-hurt Avatar
    carrie holley-hurt

    Harper is making a six-ingredient chocolate pie that all of us can eat. It sounds like a miracle so it may taste like poop. Pie!

    1. April Avatar

      How exciting! Please take pictures of the moment of discovery! (AKA the first bite.)

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